Ancient code on GitHub

Long overdue, but I’ve finally published some code of my PhD. There are two repositories on GitHub for anyone interested in my work on the evolution of evolvability [1, 2]. Here you can find them: Genomes, transposable elements, and rearrangements Evolving Boolean gene networks Happy 2017! References: [1] Mol Biol Evol 24(5), 1130–39 (2007) [2] … [Read more…]

Useful links

Below some useful websites, software and other links with a short description (work in progress). I am updating this post over time. Science: Inria’s Team Beagle Bioinformatic Processes (Utrecht course) Dutch Society of Theoretical Biology Proposal writing advice Text Editors: Vim Vim Plugin Repository JEdit LibreOffice Writer Markdown Tiddly Wiki Publishing: Latex (texlive) Biblatex Jabref … [Read more…]